• 7 Ways GPT-3 Will Influence Digital Marketing

    Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is the third version of the autocomplete tool designed by OpenAI. GPT-3 is a language model that is developed as a neural network where it can generate original text based on the conditional probability of words. It can, for example, autosuggest and add text appropriately and accurately. The beauty of […]


    Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is the third version of the autocomplete tool designed by OpenAI. GPT-3 is a language model that is developed as a neural network where it can generate original text based on the conditional probability of words. It can, for example, autosuggest and add text appropriately and accurately.

    The beauty of GPT-3 is that it can be trained to do pretty much anything – you just name it. You need to supply it with relevant material so it can learn and train itself by calculating the conditional probability of words.

    Sapling Intelligence, for example, is using GPT-3 to improve customer services. When a customer sends a query, GPR-3 suggests the most appropriate phrases to the sales rep automatically. This makes response quick and accurate:

    CRM AI Chat

    Impressive, right?

    GPT-3 isn’t just limited to producing text and phrases, it can be trained to do anything in a wide range of sectors and applications including digital marketing.

    There are several ways marketers can use GPT-3 productively to improve marketing, ROI, ROAS, and overall marketing performance. Here are some of the best ways how GPT-3 can be used in digital marketing:

    1. Content Writing

    One of the biggest content marketing challenges is creating engaging content. Over 65% of companies say that creating engaging content is challenging, 60% find it hard to produce content consistently, and 32% of marketers say that their content creation workflow is poor (or fair):

    content challenges

    Here is good news: One of the major areas where GPT-3 can help marketers is content creation. In fact, companies are already using GPT-2, the older version, for content creation successfully.

    Here is a piece of content produced by GPT-2 from a short phrase:

    You might not realize it, but you’re setting yourself up for failure.

    If you need a more direct route to SEO success, then I’ve compiled 5 best strategies to bring your rankings up. If you just need a solid start, we can start with this list. I know there are plenty of other top SEO tips out there, and you can always give feedback, but this is my list so far. I’ll keep updating this guide.

    The Importance of the Big SEO Tools

    There are thousands of tools out there, all of which have a significant impact on ranking. But I’m going to focus on one tool that’s absolutely crucial – the web site rank engine (SHE). When you’re considering a tool to improve your rankings, you want everything to be perfectly aligned.

    In short, you want all the best tools.

    That said, a few guidelines and suggestions, to make sure that SHE is your tool of choice. As soon as all of these factors align, I’d recommend buying it.

    The big three are:

    Not bad, right?

    Imagine the output with GPT-3.

    You’ll have to input keywords, existing blog posts, competitor posts, top ranking content, and other data and the GPT-3 will create valuable content automatically for you.

    This is perhaps the best way AI can help content marketers.

    2. Website Design and Development

    Jordan Singer has already developed a Figma plugin with GPT-3 that generates designs, layouts, and templates automatically. You simply have to write what you want from the plugin and it will design it for you:

    Amazing, right?

    And this is just one way of using GPT-3 for web development and design. It shows how powerful GPT-3 can be for marketers and designers. You can create websites, landing pages, and web pages of all types hassle-free.

    You can practically create any type of marketing page or any element of a landing page e.g. form, button, headline, etc. Type what you want, and you’ll have it.

    3. Conversion Rate Optimization

    Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an area where marketers and businesses have struggled as it is a resource-intensive experimental work that requires a lot of data collection, testing, tweaking, and analysis.

    GPT-3 has the potential to solve your CRO challenges (well, most of them).

    The Figma plugin developed using GPT-3, for example, helps you mock a complete website. Enter URL, add a description, and you are done:

    Tweaking or replicating a whole website is just a sentence away.

    Sharif Shameem has developed a layout generator with GPT-3 that provides you the JSX code of any layout you describe in words:

    This makes it easier to create and tweak elements on your website. Describe the element, grab its code, and add it on your website. Tweaking your website for CRO won’t be a problem with GPT-3.

    4. Funnel Development

    Creating funnels and managing multiple of them is problematic. Funnel development can be solved with GPT-3 by adding funnel codes, designs, layouts, and other relevant materials for training and learning.

    You can then have a funnel generated by explaining in text what type of funnel you need and what you want to do with it. Developing a simple funnel development tool with GPT-3 can put an end to the funnel dilemma once and for all.

    The way how layout generator is developed by Sharif, a funnel layout generator can give you the code and the layout of the funnel that can be implemented right away.

    5. Dedicated Search Engine

    Paras Chopra developed a complete search engine using GPT-3. Enter a search query and it shows the exact answer with URL:

    How about creating a similar search engine for your customers? You can create a dedicated search engine with all the help material, resources, and video tutorials that you have in the GPT-3. It will help you solve customer queries and issues significantly.

    If a customer has a query or a problem, he could find the exact answer with a link to the query. This will help you significantly reduce customer complaints and will improve CX to a great extent.

    6. Chatbot

    Chatbot is a rapidly growing marketing and customer services area that is expected to become a $9.4 billion market by 2024. GPT-3 has already revolutionized chatbots and artificial intelligence.

    AI Channels is a social networking platform for humans and artificial intelligence agents. Humans seek recommendations from AI agents regarding anything they want e.g. movies to watch, business ideas, relationship advice, etc.

    GPT-3 has helped AI Channels improve its AI agents significantly and now they’re more knowledgeable than ever:

    AI Chatbot

    GPT-3 API can be used to create chatbots with virtual agents that will interact naturally with humans. They can even involve in discussions with humans easily. Creating powerful chatbots that humans love to interact with is pretty much possible with GPT3.

    7. SEO

    Perhaps the best thing GPT-3 can do for marketers is to help them improve the search engine ranking of their websites. And this isn’t a problem for GPT-3 API.

    You need to supply real-time SEO data to GPT-3 such as ranking content, keywords, titles, etc. and it will create titles, meta description, and full-fledged articles for you that will be fully optimized for search engines.

    Getting SEO data isn’t a big deal as there are several SEO tools available out there that provide you with API (e.g. Ahrefs, Moz, etc.). You need to use the same data to come up with your own optimized content.

    Final Words

    Understanding the worth and value of GPT-3, Microsoft has gained the exclusive license which means the API will be publicly available, but source code will be retained by Microsoft.

    GPT-3 is a language model that can be used by marketers in numerous ways. You can use it in any way you like. It has closed the gap between programming languages that are tough to understand and native human languages that we speak. Now we can communicate with programming languages in our own language.

    With GPT-3, the sky is the limit.