Marketing Glossary

Behavioural Targeting

What is behavioural targeting?

Online marketers are able to show ads that match your browsing history and browse pattern so better serve you with more relevant content. This is often referred to as behavioural targeting.

Why is behavioural targeting useful?

This tool is great for identifying trending keywords such as those related to searches conducted with browsers and visits to websites. Webmasters use different methods and tools to adjust, select, and direct the content that users see on their websites.

How does it work?

Whenever you visit a website, that site has information about what parts of the website you have looked at most recently and a list of web elements that are most interesting. These habits help create a “profile” for people and websites can access this information when the same person comes back.

Behaviour-targeted ads can increase your clicks by offering the most relevant information, which is used along with other data to improve conversion rates.

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