Marketing Glossary

Bought Together – the Recommendation Strategy

What is Bought together?

“Bought Together” recommendations can help you find related products to purchase, based on your current shopping cart. The Bought Together recommendation strategy is the ability to recommend other products a person has bought when they are currently browsing through their cart.

It often takes into account what other people have been placing in their cart with the same product the visitor has placed.

What benefits does the bought together strategy entail?

Promoting complementary products together will allow the customer to purchase multiple items, increasing their order size.

Personalizing recommendations increases engagement with the product created and may even increase future purchases.

What might seem like a total and complete replacement for one thing or the other can actually be complementary.

Why do we need the Bought together formula?

When people look at Staples CartManager database reports, they see some potential cost-saving and optimization opportunities.

Clothing stores often have a “buy one, get one free” (BOGO) offer on socks, and many grocery stores will give you a discount if you bring in certain types of recyclables.

When the cataloguing of entries is automated, these items would “steal” valuable screen real-estate from less popular answers to the question of bought together: those that might be less in general popularity but have a stronger link to the product on which they appear.

A “Bought Together” formula follows a balance between items that are generally popular (those that clearly make up the majority of all purchases) and those which have fewer but still significant purchases.

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