Marketing Glossary

Call to Action (CTA)

What is CTA?

CTA, or often referred to as call to action is a sentence, a word or a button that urges the visitor to perform an action. It might be written as “Buy now”, for example, or “Sign Up”.

Typically, it is a clickable portion on a web page, which directs visitors toward a conversion funnel. What the actual CTA is, greatly depends on the type of product and service.

Why is CTA important in the online world?

Call-to-action buttons are crucial in Internet marketing because users usually collect information and simply browse. But when a CTA emerges, they might be taken down the conversion funnel by enticing an action. A CTA could provide the user with information or urge them to make a purchase. They lead these visitors down the conversion funnel where leads turn into paying customers.

Most Internet marketing success is based on understanding what the customer wants and providing them with exactly that. What might be inexpensively priced for someone in the United Kingdom may not appeal to another person in Germany, yet they’ll both likely be searching for a vacation home online.

One prefers to browse houses and other homes via virtual tours, the other prefers for their home or property to be advertised by mail.

It is important to test your CTAs with A/B tests in order to maximize their success.

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