Marketing Glossary


What is a Conversion?

A conversion is the act of someone taking a specific action that you want them to take such as registering for your email marketing campaign, requesting a demo, or other actions.

Where is Conversion used?

A B2B sales funnel involves a series of smaller “desired actions,” each one constituting an end goal of a completed purchase: signing up for updates, adding a product to cart, interacting on social media are all important indications of how engaged visitors are and the approach they should take in order to land the sale.

Today’s shoppers are more informed and many businesses want to convert those visitors into long-term customers. Having the right conversion initiatives can do just that.

Conversion rates are determined by dividing the number of visitors who completed the desired action by total visits and is calculated as a percentage.

How to increase conversion rates?

If you are unsuccessful in your marketing efforts then you may need to implement a CRO strategy. A/B testing is used here, as well as personalization techniques, which can improve the user experience and conversion rate.

Though internet traffic has increased dramatically over the past decade, conversion rates have not. Although marketers still search for new ways to improve their strategies, these changes take time and testing before they’re ready for prime time.

Your best bet is to make sure your tactics collect data and organically engage with visitors so that you can convert them in the future.

When in doubt, test your website for data-driven success and never stop to optimize your funnel.

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