Marketing Glossary

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) score

What is a CSAT score?

A customer satisfaction score is a measurement of how well the company meets or exceeds the expectations felt by customers during an interaction with their products or services.

This information is collected by surveying things related to your recent experience. It assesses how satisfied you are with a decision or product that was recently purchased, consumed, seen, heard, or used.

Results range from very unsatisfied to very satisfied.

Commonly used symbols to denote satisfaction levels are emojis with happy and sad faces, determining the level of experience a client has had. You might have encountered one on a tablet in some retailer.

How to conduct a good CSAT?

Businesses should experiment with different length and type of feedback messages to see which works best, such as collecting key information after ordering something or ending a phone call.

How do you calculate CSAT?

An average customer satisfaction score can be achieved by taking the number of satisfied customers polled and dividing them by the number of survey responses. The result is typically expressed as a percentage, with 100% representing complete satisfaction:

CSAT = Total Number of Satisfied users / Number of responses in the survey x 100

Average Satisfaction scores across Industries

The CSAT varies across industries, as some services are very different from others.

Internet eCommerce stores – 80%, 2017

Hotels and Inns – 75%, for 2018

Online News – 75%, 2018

Clothing industry & Accessories – 80%, 2017,

Health Insurance and Private Healthcare – 75%, 2017

One of many ways to determine customer satisfaction is the CSAT, or the surveys that customers take afterwards. Yet care should be taken when interpreting these surveys because they are simple and strictly rely on one perspective.

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