Marketing Glossary

Data Management Platform

What is a Data Management Platform?

A Data Management Platform (DMP) is a service that collects and analyzes data about customers to target them with personalized advertising. DMPs are usually used by large corporations, such as The Coca-Cola Company or Procter & Gamble for instance, but they can also be built into any digital marketing strategy, even for small businesses.

Data management platforms are used to analyze and activate first or third party data for smarter site experiences or campaign planning.

DataMarts use cookies on web browsers and the consumer’s data to create groups that can be targeted with ads. This is best for advertising strategies, which become more efficient as they target certain demographics.

Digital Marketing Platforms are specifically designed for advertising campaigns but do not provide a comprehensive view of other customer journeys.

For a more cohesive, target-specific customer experience, brands should consider better tracking and path personalization that utilizes digital marketers and shopper marketing. Professional marketers not only use data to tailor marketing messages by channel but also allows for those messages to be delivered without interruption across channels.

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