Marketing Glossary

Digital Body Language

What is digital body language?

Digital Body Language is the signals a visitor sends to a website through various interactions with the site that expresses their interests, preferences, and intent.

Digital body language has a number of applications for businesses, but it becomes more difficult to use as an engagement deepens.

Machine learning algorithms can uncover correlations between content with visitor characteristics.

What is affinity profiling?

Affinity profiling is a technique that uses the data points derived from digital body language and machine learning algorithms to identify commonalities between visitors based on their interactions with content. By identifying and targeting visitors who are likely to be interested in your content, you can create more engaging experiences for them across all channels.

An affinity profile is a list of preferences inferred from an individual’s engagement with digital content, for example the colors they are interested in.

Affinity profiling is an important component of content marketing. Without it, marketers have no way to know which pieces of creative will be most appealing to their audience based on what they’ve interacted with in the past.

Businesses can exploit queries to build and target customer profiles that are more targeted than simple demographic data.

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