Marketing Glossary

Dynamic Ads

What are dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads automatically change what is displayed in order to provide content and promotions specifically targeted to each user so you’re always seeing the most appropriate creative for yourself.

Display ads involve uploading a product or content feed and choosing an ad solution to produce the most relevant imagery or landing page for each user based on their location.

There are many benefits to customizing messaging based on individual reader data.

How can Dynamic Ads be used for Remarketing?

Marketers can use personalized ads in dynamic remarketing campaigns, which they announce to the users that they have already shown an interest in or engaged with products. These advertisements are adjustable for all of the user’s actions and previous interests.

How to increase User Acquisition through Dynamic Ads?

In order to generate dynamic ads, marketers must first sync customer segments with ad networks like AppNexus. This way, each time a person’s browsing habits change, they will be reached by the most relevant ads.

Benefits of Dynamic Ads

Advertising solutions with automation will decrease ad spend and increase campaign ROI.

A more comprehensive, personal approach to conveying information elevates purchase intent and increases brand favorability.

In order to truly reach your target audience with the most relevant ads, generate dynamic creatives that will pass workplace screens.

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