Marketing Glossary

Exit Rate

What is an Exit rate?

If a user spends time on your site and then leaves, the exit rate calculates the percentage of users who left from each page they visited. Exit Rate differs from an e-commerce bounce rate because an exit is tracked for multiple pages, whereas a bounce is only counted if the person returns to your main or home page after leaving.

This indicator of site performance, like bounce rate, is a signal to the user experience – meaning element such as navigating challenges, UI problems or content/load-time issues could be breaking your journey and affecting conversions.

To be successful online, you must keep your readers engaged and interested. For example, if the last page of an article had a high exit rate, that would denote greater interest by users than pages in the conversion pipeline. If this is true for every page on your site, see what can be done to improve user experience across each new landing page.

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