Marketing Glossary

Faceted Search

What is Faceted search?

Faceted search is a technique used by eCommerce brands to help users find what they are looking for more easily. It greatly increases retention rates and lowers exit and bounce rates.

In a world of instant gratification, visitors want and expect to find the items they are looking for in the quickest manner possible. In fact, 70% of potential customers search for products once they go on a certain eCommerce website. A similar classification system excludes objects that don’t fit the criteria selected by the user, in order to conversion rates via a much better product discoverability.

How could you use Faceted Search to improve your website?

The searches people often perform on e-commerce websites involve simple, straightforward requests. They should be matched as accurately as possible.

When sorted site-wide, these types of results are often lacking when compared to the average search result. This might lead to an increased exit rate.

To ensure that visitors find relevant results for their query, a few best practices can be used:

Disable site-wide options to search entirely, and force users to sort via category before searching for a certain product.

They should be able to select multiple categories when searching.

Make suggestions of what categories they should be searching a certain item in.

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