Marketing Glossary


What is a Goal?

Before launching a marketing campaign, outline your goals and clearly identify what will be measured to determine the success of your strategy. Your goal is your desired result of the process or series of actions you undertake in a campaign in the first place.

Typical examples of a marketing goal could include desired purchase amounts ($150+, for example), number of visitors engaged in introductory content (trailers, for example) or newsletter engagement (signups).

Regardless of your goals or conversion point (e.g., leads, downloads, subscriptions) be sure to have a system set in place to track when each is attained and considered a “conversion.”

Don’t just set monetary goals for clicks, purchase conversion or time spent on the site. You may have measures you want to track that are not available through your current analytics tool.

For example, you might want visitors to interact more with your website by clicking “share on Facebook” instead of buying a product from your site.

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