Marketing Glossary

KISS Principle

What is the KISS principle?

This KISS acronym stands for Keep it Simple, Stupid in Internet marketing in the same manner. You can serve a totally different and more dynamic design for your homepage when users first visit it.

You can reward visitors for finding your site, or intentionally make it more difficult for them to navigate.

Simplify! Look at every element on your website and see what you can lessen. Avoid the use of three sentences when one can do the job gracefully. The word “complex” is not necessary to use in this sentence. Use shorter words than five syllables where possible and never try to sound like a major scholar if two syllables are enough.

Facilitate content discovery and understanding by looking at the design and layout of your site.

You can apply this principle in:

  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • General visitor flow
  • Promotions, deals and offers
  • Product design

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