Marketing Glossary

Landing Page Optimization

What is LPO or Landing Page Optimization?

This is one of the essential components of conversion optimization. One of the tasks you must complete while optimizing landing pages is attracting visitors and turning them into buyers.

Campaign tracking is key to know how well your advertising strategy is working. Some people find themselves visiting landing pages after clicking on a sponsored link or ad, while others land thereby first checking their email and then following the hyperlink in it.

An optimized landing page will take advantage of associative content targeting, which appeals to visitors and converts them into customers by offering them exactly what they have been looking for at adequate pricing.

This means targeting and adequate landing page creation are linked hand in hand.

Visitors to a website are more likely to respond to predictive marketing targeting their browsing habits or previous purchase history. Additionally, visitors may be interested in consumer-driven advertising that takes advantage of the visitor’s social behaviour such as “likes”, reviews and tagging on social media.

Marketers optimize landing pages by conducting user testing for visitors to their site and using A/B or multivariate experiments to determine the best combinations of graphics and videos.

This technique is also known as Landing Page Optimization.

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