Marketing Glossary

Marketing Acceleration Platform

What is a MAP (Marketing Acceleration Platform)

This platform provides a better way to make targeted marketing interactions across the entire journey of the customer. Its main tools are agility automation and Insights.

The powerful capabilities of Marketing Acceleration Platforms do not go unnoticed.

Agility – Marketers need the flexibility to personalize their marketing, but this has historically been a difficult task because it requires skills from multiple departments.

When faced with vendor bloat, as well as other priorities from stakeholders such as point solutions and different departments in an organization, marketers are often clueless.

A marketing acceleration platform helps optimize how a business deploys its experience across different channels according to specific engagement systems. It also greatly shortens the dependencies that grow between other departments and generates significant value in new profit when deployed successfully.

Automation –Data-driven experiences require segmented website traffic, cross-device testing, and performance analysis.

Managing inventory isn’t just difficult for the customer, it also poses a problem for marketers.

A marketing automation platform provides automated, targeted content for each user to experience. It uses machine learning algorithms to continually analyze traffic and identify potential new offerings or themes from existing ones. The feature allows teams to expand their workflow efficiencies and provide increased liberty in experimentation.

Insights – Marketing teams need data to make decisions about high-level strategy and every day. Without any conversion of those numbers into insights, the value of that information quickly decreases.

A MAP or marketing acceleration platform serves the purpose to unify disparate data from across the tech stack, and also offer a unified truth source, as well as providing insights. For example, some platforms provide suggestions on the best next steps for teams that want to make decisions independently without all of the resources needed.

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