Marketing Glossary

Micro Segmentation

What is Micro-Segmentation

Micro-segmentation is the practice of dividing the online traffic of your website into separate smaller groups. This advanced technology uses a wider range of data points than traditional high-level segmentations to succeed in reaching out to visitors who share common interests and browsing patterns.

Segmentation History

No business ever targets just one type of customer and, therefore, marketers need to understand who their customers are.

Once user data is analyzed, the experience targeting platform can segment users based on common attributes. The messages or content these segments receive are tailored to their needs. Analytics platforms share all kinds of information, needed for decision making in terms of micro and macro segmentation of audiences.

Good marketing experts are able to use user data and attributes such as geographic location, demographics, marketing channels, online behavior and more.

High-level segments are developed through these traditional methods but fragmentation is common.

One user could have identical preferences on two devices that are grouped together in one bucket, but it would not be possible for the same person to show identical preferences across two different buckets.

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