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Multi-Step Checkout

Multi-Step Checkout Definition

Multi-step checkout offers a clear, linear process that will guide visitors to complete their purchase without being distracted by other items or opportunities. It guides the visitors through multiple pages where they fill in the information needed by the website before they check out and purchase the item. In some cases, a multi-step checkout can increase conversions, and in others, it can decrease them, depending on various circumstances.

Benefits of a Multi-Step Checkout

When analyzing a checkout process, you can easily measure drop-off rates by saving the old number of steps completed and note when a customer’s form is submitted. For example, if many customers dropped off at the billing step in your multi-step process, then there may be issues with your payment system or it may lack security for those who prefer

Moreover, with the multi-step checkout, you get to collect data from customers, which can be used to recover a cart after they abandon their purchase.

When could a Multi-Step Checkout be efficient?

Multi-step checkout is effective for high priced items, desktop shopping experiences, and less tech-savvy or older consumers. By splitting the checkout process it allows shoppers to be fully aware of where they are in the process and can encourage them to complete before reaching a step too difficult

Multi-step checkout is less effective for people who use mobile devices or when you are purchasing low-ticket items.

Muli-Step Checkout Optimisation Processes

When you’re doing your holiday shopping online, be sure to complete the checkout process in order to avoid abandoning a cart.

Since eCommerce websites often use split testing to find out which variant of their pages performs best, they have started using AI technology. This process is called machine learning and it automatically applies the changes that were found with A/B tests as well as new theories.

To help reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase conversions, ensure your checkout flow is optimized.

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