Marketing Glossary

Multivariate Testing

What is Multivariate testing?

Despite running as an experiment, multivariate testing seeks to test multiple elements on the website all at once so that optimization feedback is more extensive. Multivariate testing includes more than just two options, unlike A/B Testing.

There are three different types of conversion rate optimization you can try. A/B testing, multivariate, and split URL tests.

When your website is live and available for visitors to see, the server automatically displays a variety of versions at that specific moment. It’s up to you how many version to test at one time—the only thing to consider as you select the number of variations you’d like to test is whether or not you know how to interpret the differences.

Tried spending time comparing design layouts? Start by choosing just a few. This way you would find it a much easier time of comparing your options and the results they yield.

Stats are important for any marketer, and double-checking these statistics will help you determine which configuration of your product is best.

One way to continually measure the effectiveness of your landing page configuration is by running A/B tests, as well as multivariate testing, which is simply a test with more variants that A/B.

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