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One-step checkout

Оne-step checkout definition

One-step checkout is when a customer completes their entire order with one form on one web page. One-step checkout is preferred over multi-step checks as it simplifies the process and makes it quicker.


The one-step checkout is that it’s quicker than a traditional checkout mechanism. Users don’t need to navigate through multiple pages and are able to complete an entire payment process in just one step.

Low-ticket items, products on sale or those that may be purchased in quick succession as well as mobile shopping experiences are more likely to possess one-step checkout.

Autofill options can make it easier to purchase items because all you have to do is click a button.


A one-step checkout is a popular option for eCommerce shoppers, but it may be less effective on high-ticket items simply because of the price. Combining multiple lengthy form fields into one modular form can cause the visitor to feel overwhelmed, preventing them from completing checkout.

How to optimize One-step checkout

Since the majority of shopping cart abandonments happen on checkout pages, eCommerce sites need to find the right usability for completing more purchases.

In a world where online business innovation is constantly accelerating, savvy eCommerce sites are A/B testing in order to improve their usability.

Ensure your checkout process is optimized by adding your personalized offers for the customer. They will increase the conversion at this crucial stage of making a purchase.

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