Marketing Glossary

Open-Time Email Product Recommendations

What is Open Time Email Product Recommendations?

Personalized emails supported by customer insights and recommendations are sent when an email is opened.

The email does not have predeterminations, rather they are personalized to the point in time when you open and read them.

How does OTEPRs work?

For example, the recipient may not have seen your email marketing campaign until after they had interacted with your site and made a purchase.

Once opened, the recommendations in this email will have been adjusted to reflect your newly-learned preferences and tastes.

It gives marketers the ability to personalize their email campaigns by recommending products or articles based on a user’s previous online activity.

The recommendations are generated in real-time when the recipient opens their inbox, which enables standard algorithms to generate the most interesting offer for that particular individual.

When setting up an email campaign for a product recommendation, the marketer determines which strategy they want to employ as well as any factors they would like the algorithm to consider (for example, determining what level of inventory is required). There are several different strategies you can use. Some of the recommendations used in OTERPs are:

  • Popular Products
  • Popular Posts
  • Bundles, Bought together
  • Similar purchases
  • Similar posts

Of course, you can get creative, as long as you know your audience well.

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