Marketing Glossary


What are Page Views?

Web page views are an important metric for Internet marketers to reach more consumers. As a marketer, you’ll want to know how many times your site is viewed so that you can make changes if needed.

Visitors are most often referred from one other site or through direct hyperlinks. Information on referrer data (where the visitor came from) is also useful because this information helps you focus your attention and efforts where they will be best suited.

How are hits and page views different?

A visitor to your site could view any number of different files, but each visit only counts as one pageview.

Tracking page views is important to any marketing strategy regardless of the business type. Most analytics tools come with tracking features, and many services providers offer them as well. Watch for the average time in minutes that people spend on your website.

When comparing providers, it is important to note that one can count a page view when the whole content has loaded.

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