Marketing Glossary

Pogo Sticking

What is Pogo Sticking

When a user quickly bounces back from the initial search query, they’re sending signals to search engines that the page is not what they were looking for.

Pogo sticking is not to be mistaken for bounce rate; the former is when users land on a certain page and then exit immediately, whereas bounce rate calculates sessions that start and end with a specific page.

Does it affect SEO?

Google’s main objective is to provide an exact result for a particular query. However, if you constantly pogo-stick on certain keywords within this site, it may imply that you are not interested in viewing any of Google’s content for this specific search term.

If you have fallen victim to an increasing rate of people pogo-sticking on your website, then it is time to come up with a new SEO Strategy. It might be the case that either your content isn’t what they want or you aren’t targeting the right audience.

There are many reasons why a user might encounter problems turning on their pogo stick. While experimenting with each of these factors could lead to the best outcome, we should consider what might be at the root of the problem in most cases.

  • Did the content meet the needs of the visitors?
  • Does the content provide a captivating experience and is it well-illustrated?
  • How quickly do page content load and scroll?
  • Is the website optimized for mobile devices or responsive on all devices?
  • Whatever the situation, imagine what it’s like for a searcher.

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