Marketing Glossary

Product Listing Pages (PLPs)

What is a PLP?

A product list page is a way to group products based on search terms or categories and presents them together on one page. This is important for eCommerce as it shows people which products they would like the most but also influences SEO rankings and building links internally within the website.

Today, the majority of online shoppers click through to a product listing page from an email campaign, social media, or advertisement. As such it is important that product listing pages are carefully designed in order to:

To help find the best products for your needs, our search engine offers a variety of sorting options.

One way to increase the chance that a shopper will purchase your product is by optimizing and personalizing an item description.

With self-training deep learning ranking algorithms, customers will be offered individualized product suggestions.

Product Listing Page components

The navigation menu is always available on all pages, but it becomes more clear when you are on a Product Listing Page (PLP).

Product listing page name:

Sort menu – people should be able to sort with the help of multiple criteria like price, size, etc.

Pages: This navigational element will allow users to scroll through pages containing products that meet the parameters of their PLP. The options offered also include being able to view items by 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 or more than 100 per page in order help shoppers find what they need quickly and easily.

Filter menu: The filter menu bar allows shoppers to refine the listing page by filtering for available price, colour, style and more.

Product Details: In the product listing page (PLP) on some websites, brands include item features. This can be customized to also include customer ratings or promotional offers associated with the product.

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