Marketing Glossary

Promotional Email Blast

What is a Promotional Email Blast?

Successful promotional emails are custom-tailored to individual recipients. Mass-delivered email campaigns have little chance of success for a number of reasons: the recipient is unlikely to know who sent it, they cannot opt-out, and because so many messages come through, their content is often lost in the shuffle.

On the other hand, with the standard triggered email, which would be sent out to the prospects automatically based on their own behaviors or actions.

A promotional email should entice customers to take some sort of action, whether that be a registration, download, signing up, purchasing, or something entirely different.

Promotional emails are used by retailers to create urgency in customers. These messages typically include details of deals that will only last for a certain time, so be sure to respond quickly if you want to take advantage of the sale.

Promotional email: This promotional email highlights the details of our Black Friday campaign and makes clear that this offer will only last (insert amount of hours here).

New Product Launches – Obviously when you launch a new product you want both new and old customers to find out.

To make promotional emails more engaging, consider personalizing your messages to recipients. Personalized emails have 6x higher transaction rates than mass or non-personalized ones.

Businesses can personalize their emails in several ways. Some methods include targeting specific audiences, producing email content intelligently tailored to each audience member’s interests and habits, inserting relevant product or content recommendations, and experimenting through A/B testing then optimizing the most effective campaigns..

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