Marketing Glossary


Definition of Remarketing

Remarketing is the process through which a company sends a targeted ad to someone who has either visited its website previously or took some sort of action there. This specific type of marketing is done with the help of cookies and pixels.

Remarketing is a form of online advertising where the same person who visited your site sees another ad from you either near or at the top that is related.

Pros of Remarketing

Pushes lead Down the Sales Funnel

Remarketing ads not only remind visitors of your brand but also keep the visitor engaged with your site and help them find what they were looking for.

Increase the Relevancy of your Ads

Remarketing ads can be combined with personalization to provide the best possible experience for each user. Dynamic creatives adapt automatically to the individual and ensure that they are presented with only the most relevant promotional messages.

Dynamic advertising solutions with automated personalization drives higher engagement and retention rates, resulting in a higher ROI for marketing initiatives.

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