Marketing Glossary


What is replatforming?

Replatforming is the process by which a business moves to another platform. Such examples can be to move from Shopify into Magento, or vice versa.

Possible reasons for replatforming:

  • You wish to manage addons, plugins or upgrades more easily
  • There are better features on another platform
  • There are better third-party integrations on the other platform as well as solutions
  • The newer platform allows you to gather data from across departments, interpret the data, and analyze it

In an environment where personalization is table stakes, companies struggle to meet customer needs on every platform.

With the proper restructure, brands can ensure their future success. The previous methods of handling an increase in business volume are no longer a viable option for legacy media channels but now it is possible to foresee any potential difficulties before they occur. Thus choosing the right platform for your business is crucial.

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