Marketing Glossary

Revenue Per Thousand Impressions

What is Revenue Per Thousand Impressions?

RPM is an Internet marketing statistic that is included in most related tools and software.

One way marketers can measure the success of their campaign is by tracking revenues per thousand impressions (RPM). In order to do this, you need to estimate the potential income of your business from each 1,000 impressions on your website and track them.

RPM or Revenue Per Thousand Impressions does not take actual income into account. It needs you to use an estimated number. Let’s say you decide to choose that you earn 50 cents for 100 views of your website (page view), then you can calculate the RPM by dividing 50 cents by 100 and multiplying by 1,000.

When the cumulative campaign expenses in a given race outweigh the total income, it may not be profitable to continue campaigning. Hence, you should decide whether to change something, A/B test or replace the campaign.

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