Marketing Glossary

Shopping Cart Abandonment

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

A shopper may add items to their online shopping cart but then abandon the site before completing a purchase. According to studies, an average of 70% of people will do this.

In most cases, if you reach the checkout and there are items in your cart that have not been saved for check-out, it is because you inadvertently left them.

Could you potentially Recover Abandoned Carts?

Online retailers lose an average $20 Billion in annual revenue because customers abandon their carts for unknown reasons. You need to analyze the checkout process and demographics data to find out why customers are abandoning your carts.

By addressing customer concerns, we can keep these rates much lower and increase conversion rates and revenue.

There is more than one way to reduce cart abandonment rates on your website.

For the majority of cases, a personalized plea will be enticing enough to bring customers back “in” trying to buy. An example of this is when a popup appears before you submit the shipping information that informs you free shipping applies for your purchase if there’s something in the store that caught your eye but wasn’t about to commit. In other cases, it is free delivery that the customers are looking for.

Other users wait for a nudging discount coupon or a price drop to complete purchases.

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