Marketing Glossary

Super Cookies

What are super cookies?

HTTP cookies, found in our browser, are not like the super cookies we find on the web that store information about us without our knowledge or consent.

Super cookies, unlike third party cookies which are linked to your browsing patterns and behaviors, don’t have the same capabilities. We cannot delete these from our browsers.

Super cookies can be almost impossible to be detected and are usually used by ISPs and telecom companies on a user’s device to provide data for content that will be sent back.

HTTP headers are a component of the HTTP protocol that is added after the data has left a certain visitor’s device.

A super cookie can store an enormous amount of data from a user’s internet activity, such can be very personal and sensitive information like cached images, media or even passwords.

Super cookies are a type of cookie that appears on your device after you have visited a website, often without your knowledge. They collect information about your browsing history and can be used to track your web activity when you visit other websites. The only way to protect yourself from them is by using secure connections or by connecting through VPNs.

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