Marketing Glossary

Systems of Engagement (SoE)

What is SoE?

A Systems of Engagement (SoE) is a process or product that facilitates and orchestrates customer relations across different settings, such as social media channels and email platforms.

These platforms capture demographic and behavioural information to help with building relationships.

Isn’t the data used fragmented?

However, the inadequacies of existing marketing software often lead to the existence of the so-called execution gap. As marketers add new point solutions businesses need to create a unified, open-source data set.

Customers need to have a personalized, seamless experience no matter what channel they use.

Businesses with disconnected systems may find it difficult to make the best decision for customer engagement. By integrating and operating under one system of engagement, they can overcome this challenge by collecting data from across many different departments into a single view of their customers—providing insights needed to take action on programs that are most important for them.

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