Marketing Glossary

Unique Value Proposition

What is a Unique Value Proposition?

Successful companies are a result of happy customers. And these happy customers become repeat clients because they receive the value-added quality products or services promised by the business manufacturing the product or doing the service.

In order to keep a business afloat and relevant for some time, it is imperative that the company’s value proposition represent their best qualities of what they can deliver. A value proposition is also often referred to as a “Unique Selling Proposition.” The company should be clear on how customers will benefit and how much it will cost them because this affects

A unique value proposition is a short statement that announces the differentiating feature or benefits to your company’s product.

All entrepreneurs need to have a value proposition. The purpose of this is not as much a mission statement, but rather the entrepreneur present in terms of what they offer customers. Clinical language should be used where possible, and phrases that make sense to your target audience can be used to substitute for complicated words and phrases.

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