Marketing Glossary


What is Usability?

Websites exist or disappear forever based on their usability and user experience. Self-serve websites are expected to work very well, so if your users easily learn about what you offer and how they can use it – your website has great usability.

Keep in mind that poor usability equals low conversion rates. Luckily, there are many ways to increase your website’s usability and convert viewers into buyers.

Before making significant changes to your system, it is important to closely observe how users interact with what you have created. You can do this by observing their behaviour or having a focus group come in and test-use the current system.

After observing their actions, question them about why they did things the way they did and work with your marketing team to find out if it’s a simple fix or language barrier.

Your website’s design and layout can play a big role in how users navigate your site. You should avoid too much busyness that competes with the rest of the page for visitors’ attention. Your writing should also be clear and concise to ensure ease of use.

Once you have made a few corrections, try conducting another focus group and see if the time to complete tasks has improved.

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