Marketing Glossary

User (Visitor)

What is a user?

In an ideal situation, a “user” is someone who visits any page on your website once or more than once and converts to a customer. However, they can be anyone outside of the site; all you need to be successful with this campaign.

How do you separate individual users?

To identify users, you can collect a variety of information about them on your website. For instance, they may have provided their personal information when they signed up for an account with the necessary username and password to access the system. You may also obtain more general user attributes like operating system, browser type or IP address.

They can also be segmented in a big variety of ways.

While the usage of cookies isn’t mandatory, it is one of the most popular methods of tracking website visitors. When you are creating, executing and measuring online campaigns and their results, it’s important to know how many users are visiting your website and to gather as much information about their behaviours as possible.

A key aspect is differentiating between the total number of users (total visits) and “unique” users (the number of different visitors, regardless of how many times it was visited).

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