Marketing Glossary

Value Proposition

The Definition of a Value Proposition?

The value proposition is the proposition promise you make to your valued customer. It communicates the product or benefits of the service you provide in a clear engaging way. It should let know your clients what is the promise you offer and why they should buy from you instead of your competitors. What are the main advantages and benefits of your product?

A strong value proposition highlights the benefits of your products and demonstrates why people should buy from you instead of your competitors.

One of the key ingredients to driving conversions rates higher via your website is a compelling Value Proposition (a clear benefit proposition that explains to prospects WHY they would want to buy from you).

Your company’s value proposition can be communicated in many different ways. Generally, it’ll be conveyed through text (words), but images, video formats and other types of media may also help you get your message across to your target market.

Is there a format for the perfect Value Proposition?

There are no set formats for creating value propositions, but it can be helpful to model the construction of one.

The value proposition usually starts with a headline or a value statement. This is one sentence that clearly conveys the core benefit of the product. On our homepage, for example, the value statement is “Deliver the best customer experience on desktop and mobile”.

A visitor can then see the merits of the product by reading these benefit statements, which usually come in bulleted lists.

One way to enhance a product’s value is by adding social proof features such as customer logos and case studies, which build trust and encourage customers to see themselves in your product. You can also distinguish yourself from other products on the market by having feature comparisons with your competitors.

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