Marketing Glossary

Viewable Impression

What is a Viewable impression?

Viewable impressions are those which people view at least for one second. Moreover, it has to appear on at least 50 per cent of the user’s screen in order to count. Meaning, if you only get to see 20% of a banner, this doesn’t count as a viewable impression.

Are Viewable impressions essential?

In online advertising, it’s not very easy to find software that verifies impressions are genuine. Such innovation is finally moving forward.

The problem with only measuring impressions is that advertisers are often paying for advertisements that are not viewed. Viewable ads provide a better metric and they capture the number of people who have seen the ad.

Ensuring that your advertisement is being seen and noticed means advertisers are able to measure their performance more precisely. For publishers, tracking impressions viewed is a greater metric in order to maximize revenue from advertisements shown.

An ad may not be viewable due to a variety of reasons, but this does not signify that the impression is invalid.

Reasons for impressions not counting as viewable

The user quits the page before 1 second has elapsed

The ad is below the fold.

The visitor is equipped with ad-blocking software installed.

The page is being accessed by a bot.

The necessary plug-in is missing for interactive media to work.

When this device is not capable of opening the page, try enabling it.

Is there a way to improve the number of viewable impressions?

Publishers can enhance the visibility of their works by optimizing the look of each page for viewability.

Some possible design changes could include placing ads before the fold or shortening page length.

They can also offer a “sticky” ad unit that remains in one spot on the page, even as users scroll down.

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