Marketing Glossary

Website Personalization

Website Personalization definition

Website personalization or customization is the process of creating custom experiences for visitors. Instead of a one-size-fits-all experience, companies can now tailor their services to each visitor’s needs.

For example, older audiences can get a bigger font to load on the website, whereas younger people could get smaller fonts, or videos instead of text.

Why is it important?

Personalization is not new to the human experience. Waiters are always welcoming regulars with a greeting and asking what their “usual order”. Moreover, they also know the names of their clients and call them by name.

If you’re paying attention to the digital world, you know that website personalization is about one-to-one attentiveness.

When shoppers browse online, retailers are able to easily target them with offers targeted to their browsing behaviour.

Travel sites can put forth promotions based on the current season or weather.

News often check where the visitor of their website lives before they send out any information to them.

As consumers grow accustomed to personalized experiences through their news feed, social networks, and shopping recommendations they’ve started to expect them in other aspects of their life. As a result, companies that want to improve the products or services they offer are shifting their strategy to address these needs directly. Many business and technology leaders say personalization is one of the top priorities of their marketing teams.


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