Optimizely Alternatives We Recommend

Optimizely is a popular experimentation and A/B testing platform that is suitable for marketing, product, data, and engineering teams. It provides you with an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you create variations of your landing pages without any technical knowledge. The segmentation feature is helpful in targeting the right audience for a variation. It helps you roll out changes and variations in batches and this is a very helpful feature for product teams. One important thing that sets Optimizely apart is its customer journey optimization feature. You can optimize user journey on all the devices – not just website. It is an exclusive enterprise CRO platform that comes with custom pricing.

Why People Choose It

Here are a few great things about Optimizely:


Optimizely is exceptionally easy-to-use. You can have your first test up and running in less than 5 minutes. You don’t need any training to get started. The visual editor helps you edit your website quickly with drag and drop editor without any coding.

Seamless Integration

Not only does it integrate with third-party tools, but it is a tool that several teams within an enterprise can use. It works with marketing, product, data, and engineering teams. This makes it an all-in-one optimization platform that will keep your teams and departments on a single page.

Works with High Traffic Sites

Most of the other CRO tools don’t work well with high traffic websites (e.g. eBay and IBM). Optimizely works exclusively with high traffic websites and it works exceptionally well. It doesn’t hurt your website’s performance, there aren’t any lags, and it works seamlessly irrespective of how much traffic you receive.

Is It The Right Fit?

Here are a few things that you need to consider:


Optimizely is expensive and the pricing is customized. The actual price depends on the website traffic and what features you are interested in. There isn’t any pricing detail available on the website. You need to contact them to get pricing details

Gets Complex with High Volume of Tests

When you are running several tests simultaneously, things get complicated. Viewing multiple campaign data in an easy-to-use manner isn’t an easy task. Running tests on multiple devices, managing them, and dealing with campaign results is something that needs more work. If you need a more straightforward CRO tool, look for Optimizely enterprise alternatives.

Only Suitable for Enterprises

If you have a low-traffic website, you can’t use Optimizely. If you reach out to them for pricing, they'll tell you that your website doesn’t qualify and isn’t a fit for their platform. There is no way websites with limited traffic can use it.

3 Low Cost Alternatives

Here are the 3 best low cost Optimizely alternatives:

1. Convertize

It is a reliable AI-powered CRO tool that is extremely cost-effective and offers amazing features such as running A/B tests on autopilot, drag-and-drop visual editor, dynamic text, and hybrid statistics that helps you find statistical significance with accuracy. The starting price of $59 per month with a 14 days free trial makes Convertize a great deal.

Convertize Smart Editor

2. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a cost-effective solution for businesses that need a pocket-friendly A/B testing tool that lets them do a lot of things effectively. It lets you improve conversion based on visitor data and insights. Session recording shows you how visitors spend time on your website and what elements they interact with. Crazy Egg has a starting price of $24 per month and offers 30 days free trial.

Crazy Egg Home Panel Editor

3. PageSense

PageSense is a feature-rich customer optimization tool by Zoho. It offers some of the cutting-edge features including heatmaps, funnel analytics, session recording, and A/B testing, and URL targeting and testing. With a starting price of $29 per month and unlimited domains and experiments, PageSense is a perfect low-cost Optimizely alternative.

Smartsense AB Test Editor

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