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Accordion Checkout

What is Accordion Checkout?

Accordion checkout is a multi-step checkout process in which the customer goes through steps. The design offers an easy way for customers to navigate their way through a shopping experience with ease, speed, and efficiency.

Benefits of Accordion Checkout

Users of Accordion checkout are able to focus on one section at a time and avoid reloading the page when they complete their order. This approach is clean, clear, and unobtrusive while also allowing users to see the number of steps needed for them to complete their orders from start to finish.

When is it Effective?

The accordion checkout, which often appears at the bottom of a mobile screen or across the top of a tablet can be an effective tool for purchases like mid-to-high range items.

However, if you’re considering a checkout process with an accordion-style of sections, make sure that the customer returns to each previous section when and if they decide they step away from the checkout. If lack of information during your next steps will result in frustration for the customer then their experience may be negatively affected.

Accordion Checkout Optimization

The aim of every checkout process is to reduce cart abandonment and increase purchase completions. Since the majority of shopping carts are abandoned on the checkout page, eCommerce sites need to find a way for users to securely complete their transaction.

Smart e-commerce sites continuously A/B test different variations to optimize their user experience, and use machine learning to apply the best performing variations automatically.

Your eCommerce personalization and optimization solutions make it easy to fix checkout errors and increase conversion rates at valuable stages during the purchase process.

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