Marketing Glossary

CRM Onboarding

What is CRM Onboarding?

One of the key steps to reaching one on one personalization experience is onboarding CRM data. This can be done through collecting behavioral data, or any confidential online and offline information in your CRM.

Omnichannel personalization that integrates data from your CRM platform may lead to more conversions.

What does CRM Integration do and how does it work?

CRM integration with a website is a process of associating the user’s unique identifier such as an email address, to two systems – CRM and the site.

In order for this to happen, there needs to be some sort of event where the point of contact (user) logs in or registers. This event is then mapped to CRM

What are the data segments that can be onboarded?

The data you onboard as part of your CRM integration should include demographic, geographic, and other relevant information which will give your team additional insight into who they are marketing at.

We recommend starting with a limited set of records to ensure you have all the necessary targeting information.

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