Marketing Glossary

Customer Acquisition

What Is Customer Acquisition?

The process of acquiring a new customer or consumer is referred to as ‘customer acquisition.

One acquisition method for new customers is retargeting people on their computers who took an interest in your products from past browsing history.

This might also include participating in online posts where companies offer discounts or personalized service to previous customers based on what they have already bought, or email offers inviting customers back who might want to take advantage of a sale that starts tomorrow

There are numerous tactics that businesses can employ to secure new customers besides those mentioned above.

As the cost of customer acquisition continues to rise, marketers need to better understand the impact their efforts.

Since marketing costs are getting higher and higher, it becomes crucial for companies to measure how well they are using their resources.

To ensure a positive ROI, companies should be strategic in the way they acquire customers. This means acquiring them at low cost and then reducing churn by acting on insights gained from data analysis.

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