Marketing Glossary

Point Solutions

What are point solutions?

A point solution is a small tool that provides one solution to a problem. Point solutions can also be standalone, such as triggered emails or A/B tests for marketers.

People need a wide range of onsite experiences to complete their work. Point solutions that solve one problem at a time don’t provide the holistic experience people need.

As marketers use more point solutions in their marketing stack, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the data on user behaviour.

The lack of centralization in enterprise personalization leads to a need for many point solutions, which impedes a team’s velocity and ability to act.

Data flows freely when you have a unified technology stack, which makes it easier for machine learning algorithms to serve personalized experiences and recommendations based on what consumers are interested in.

With more data points available, marketers are better able to predict customer desires across channels and devices.

This type of deployment would be nearly impossible if your organization is using a point solution because it requires data silos from multiple programs to connect. But with a unified platform, organizations should have no trouble achieving this goal.

Creating a cohesive data set is the backbone of a profitable customer experience.

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