Marketing Glossary

Data Activation

What is Data Activation?

Data activation is a certain brand’s capability to collect and store customer data as well as to act upon this data in real-time.

The growing popularity of digital marketing led companies to eschew hunch-based marketing approaches in favour of data-driven strategies.

Yet with any new trend in marketing, there is a challenge. Though great, the theory doesn’t always translate into desired outcomes. Brands without modern legacy systems practice ineffective “data activation,” and are met with lacklustre results. When data isn’t streamlined and single-truthful, you risk activating the wrong accounts of data.

Deciphering the meaning behind data requires a precise database that has all of your customer information included in it. Without a complete and accurate dataset, real understanding cannot be derived from data.

Targeting customers in each stage of the customer journey can only take place through a marketing technology that can process data from various sources, as well as viewing the current status of the customer. For example, there’s no point targeting Jason with an advertisement if he has already converted from an email triggered by your company.

Once centralized, collected data can be customized for a better experience.

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