Marketing Glossary

Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is usually where a visitor would end up after clicking an advertisement. The type of advertisement does not matter, you always get to a landing page.

When you go to a new external webpage from an advertisement, usually the information provided on that website follows a similar topic or is what you were looking for. This means the landing page was adequate and there is a bigger possibility that you stick on that page instead of going away.

There is a variety of marketing techniques companies use to track the number of clicks they get from email links and social media. But most importantly, landing pages should be designed to be as close as possible to what the users that land on them have been looking for.

Optimizing potential conversions for visitors on a landing page can be different than simply optimizing the conversion rate. One way to evaluate the performance of visitors is by tracking their location and age demographics to see what type of visitor is more likely to convert or not.

Reference landing pages are designed to provide visitors with information appropriate to their needs. It is important for these pages to display graphics, text, and other features that engage the user.

The second stage of the funnel is also appropriately named because it is aimed at converting visitors into customers or website users.

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