Marketing Glossary

Systems of Insight (SoI)

What is a System of Insight?

Systems of Insight refers to a technology that aims to improve the customer experience with data collected from various sources.

Behaviour-driven insights can be used by companies to implement advanced analytic solutions in order to personalize customer service.

How does SoI work?

For Retail, for example –SoI is an innovative tool that easily analyzes business data and social media feeds to understand customer behaviour. Based on this information, SoI determines the next best action based on customers’ preferences for upselling, cross-selling or targeted promotions.

For Travel – SoI can use queue data in the form of check-ins through mobile devices, kiosk interactions, notifications, etc. A customer can get to the departure gate with enough time thanks to the systems, which would let him know whether they are on the right track. Events will occur as a result of this prediction that influences customers like rescheduling trips and alerting passengers.

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