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Website Optimization

Website Optimization Definition

If you own a website, it is important to test different versions of web pages to determine which will result in the most conversions. By implementing A/B testing you may aim to make the design of your website more intuitive, and nudging people toward converting. Moreover, you need to decrease the load time of your website, as well as optimize it’s SEO. All of these could be considered elements of Website Optimisation.

Website Optimization Process

Website optimization is based on a scientific method and follows exactly the same principles that can be used for conversion rate optimization.

Quantitative and qualitative research will help the website owner figure out how to increase purchases or, if selling an eCommerce product, average order values.

Many companies use the homepage as an area to conduct A/B tests since it is the first page of the website that many visitors will see. It’s important for them to immediately understand what your company does and find their way to step two in a single click.

First of all, you need to identify the main goal. Then identify underperforming points and develop a hypothesis to be tested.

Develop a list of all the variables you wish to test through your experiment. Changes can be implemented in variations and run as standard experiments in any A/B testing tool.

Start your test. Gather and run enough data to be able to make your conclusions statistically significant. Inconsistent data sets are unreliable and business decisions shouldn’t be based on them.

Once a new website element has been changed, the changes will reflect in the results of your experiment. Whether it is more effective or not you will clearly see if there is more than a 5% difference between the results. If a modification wins, then that change becomes the new baseline and continued experimentation with other ideas for improvements can begin. If a test proves unsuccessful, however, that may provide some direction on what changes need to be made

Website optimization can help a business achieve measurable benefits by making improvements to the web page elements that will best accomplish visitors’ goals. By increasing efficiency with these changes, it helps a company convert more visitor traffic into frequent readers, newsletter subscribers, or even paying customers.

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